Saturday 22 July 2023

Welsh Innovation Week

Although London hosts one of the world's great tech clusters it has no monopoly of innovation and enterprise.  The University of |Bangor with a growing reputation for the quality of its research opened the Menai Science Park ("M-SParc") in 2018.  M-SParc attracted some remarkable businesses which have developed products and services which have achieved wide recognition (see Emily Roberts M-SParc sweeps up at National Awards 23 June 2023).

M-SParc is coming to London between 9 and 14 Sept 2023 (see Welsh Innovation 'OnTour),  It will hold events in the House of Lords, the Welsh government's office in London and the Foue Agency's premises in conjunction with Global Welsh on digital innovation, inward investment, business support, renewable energy and many other topics.  In addition, just as it develops the mathematical and scientific skills of school and college students in Northwest Wakes it will offer a coding workshop for London kids at the London Wesch Centre and a programme on energy for the pupils of the London Welsh School.

I have set out full details of the programme in M-SParc is coming to London for my corresponding blog NIPC Wales.   All the events are free and most can be accessed by completing the simple form on Welsh Innovation 'OnTour.   The only exceptions seem to be the exhibition and conference in the House of Lords which is now fully subscribed and the Global Welsh event which requires a separate registration form.  I have registered for the "Digital Wales" event on Tuesday 12 Aug 2023 and I will assist in any way I can.

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