Wednesday 16 July 2014

London is Number 1 in the UK for Branding and Design

Piccadilly Circus at Night
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Jane Lambert

The Intellectual Property Office's Facts and Figures 2012-2013 were published last month and they make interesting reading. Businesses in London applies for 12,669 UK trade marks (up from 10,440 the previous year) and received 10,583 registrations (8,680 the previous year). That is more than any other region of the United Kingdom. The South East came second with 6,197 applications and 5,258 registrations and the East of England third in the number of applications (3,227) and the South West in the number of registrations (2,951).

London was also top in the number of registered design applications (1,153 compared to the South East's 1.066) but second to the South East in the number of registrations (720 in 2013 compared to the South East's 883).

London came second to the South East in the number of UK patent applications (2,588 in 2013 compared to 2.522 the previous year thereby bucking the national trend) and grants (346 in 2013). The comparable figures for South East England were 2,822 applications and 346 grants.  

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